Sunday, February 20, 2011

Operation Blanket Drop!!!

Calling all Baby Quilt makers: Whether you sew them, crochet the edges, tie them or quilt them, we are looking for willing quilt makers for Operation Blanket Drop!  A spring and summer project to make blankets for still born or babies that will not thrive enough to ever go home that the family can use on their Angels in the hospital then take home to remember them by.
Now this project is not my brainchild, Joleen and Jess Haag have made this dream project into a reality looking for a way to heal from the loss of their pre-mature and only 7-minute living son, Ammon Paul. Because of their circumstances of being in the military, they never saw nor held their little Ammon, but they still carry him around in their hearts. Knowing how hard those minutes, hours or days can be, they wanted to help through donating new quilts for the babies.
Their plan is to gather any and all quilts people will donate and take them to one or two hospitals that they are working with  on Ammon's birthday. They ask for the new blanket with a picture of you with it(for a slide show to go with them) if possible in a ziplock bag, be donated by September 1, 2011 so they are all ready by October 17th.  Any questions, contact me in the comment section or call me for those who know me. More information to follow. PLEASE HELP.

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James Erlander said...

Hey Jen,
I am a designer and am trying to find the original source for the image you used for the Operation Blanket Drop? If by chance you remember where you captured/copied the image that would be helpful.
Hope you were able to gather a bunch of donations.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Jim Erlander