Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy? Around Here?

Is your house/life full of madness too?

Tuesday's are for late starts for mom's confusion and Liz's excuse for breakfast.
Wednesday is the middle of the week which means the week has broken down to 
wheel of fortune.
Thursday, the last day of ballet, but the first day of tests, why are tests always at the end of the week. My husband is starting to lose his patience with his work.
Friday is the day that last tests are, doctor appointments are set, husband has lost all patience at work and has to drag himself there although dragging is not the way home. 
Friday and Saturday is social life for my Senior in High School. and so Friday nights and Saturdays will be parties and games and dances and dates and hanging out. 
While mom and dad do groceries and other parent things. 
Then Sunday is Church, not as much madness.

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