Saturday, January 29, 2011

They're Back, They're Back!!

Tears were shed a couple of months ago when my favorite fancy paper store went out of business. How could this happen? How could they do this to me? HOW COULD THEY DO IT TO ALL OF US HERE? But the financial end is tight and I tried to understand. I did my part. As they did they close their door sale, I bought some... well, a little more than some.... ok, my husband made a deal, if nothing bounced and I didn't buy anything else for my birthday (in January) he wouldn't kill me, he would just chalk it up to madness for quality paper. Amazing how much you need for only 2 kids.

Anyway, I wander....
                but then there was a whisper on the wind, a hushed word at a craft store, then it happened, my best friend told me ... they have sold it to someone who has the same vision and are keeping on the same people for the paper crafts - well, also I got an emal from the new management, but it was my friend that assured me that they were back. So just a little plug...

HEARTLAND PAPERS in Bountiful is open again.

And I am a little psyched.

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Diamond in the Rough said...

Yes... I am so excited. The only that has changed is the classes. But if you visit ribbons and scissors dot com I think (I will find out for sure) the gals that were teaching now have a website and they are teaching at select Roberts stores (one is in Centerville) I am so glad that they were able to stay open :)