Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can You Identify All the Movements of the Nutckracker

I walk down the isle of Robert's Craft finding myself going through choreography in my head - AARRGGHH - it must be Nutcracker!! How many years can a parent drive one child to Nutcracker, volunteer at Nutcracker, watch practicing at home, listening to practicing at studios in the heat of September through the cold of December, 8 years (so far) starting Christmas in September.  But the crazy part is that ... I love it! And I am going to miss it next year when she's in college and doing on her own just with our support and love.

This year my little ballerina this year was the Snow Queen, just one step down from Sugar Plum. Here are a couple pictures. The one is a little fuzzy, kinda like her. Enjoy!

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