Saturday, January 29, 2011

They're Back, They're Back!!

Tears were shed a couple of months ago when my favorite fancy paper store went out of business. How could this happen? How could they do this to me? HOW COULD THEY DO IT TO ALL OF US HERE? But the financial end is tight and I tried to understand. I did my part. As they did they close their door sale, I bought some... well, a little more than some.... ok, my husband made a deal, if nothing bounced and I didn't buy anything else for my birthday (in January) he wouldn't kill me, he would just chalk it up to madness for quality paper. Amazing how much you need for only 2 kids.

Anyway, I wander....
                but then there was a whisper on the wind, a hushed word at a craft store, then it happened, my best friend told me ... they have sold it to someone who has the same vision and are keeping on the same people for the paper crafts - well, also I got an emal from the new management, but it was my friend that assured me that they were back. So just a little plug...

HEARTLAND PAPERS in Bountiful is open again.

And I am a little psyched.

Honestly This Can't Be a Throwback to the 80s

Ok, I have heard that cutting edge fashionistas and events, locally it plays out often in Stomp apparel, have fed back to the 80s. Actually many of there clothes they buy at thrift stores and stores that take carefully worn clothes for carefully worn clothes are all the faze. Boy makes it cheaper for mom.
First, a quick definition for those unfamiliar with the phrase, a Stomp is a high school conducted dance that you go to without dates usually after sporting events or on special events- my son, graduated 2 years ago- had 1 his whole senior year - #2, a current senior, has had one and it looks like another in the future. How it is being interpreted...

Ok, I was a dancer. I think I had one sweatshirt that had the cut out neck, but only wore it to or after dance class. This is not a trend we adore - Flashdance was short lived about a number of things. Tights I don't think I had a pair of tights my whole high school experience. Mostly high school was levis, some hideous shirts (I have to admit that) and bows in big hair. Yes big hair - If you went through it - embrace it. I was, unfortunately, born with straight hair that wouldn't hold a curl if I wanted it to.
Now this is a lesson to our children - we were told that what worn will come around - hope you like it, cause it will.  HA WHAT WE DID TO YOU AND HATED THE MOST YOU WILL GIVE TO YOUR NEXT GENERATION. Just had to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can You Identify All the Movements of the Nutckracker

I walk down the isle of Robert's Craft finding myself going through choreography in my head - AARRGGHH - it must be Nutcracker!! How many years can a parent drive one child to Nutcracker, volunteer at Nutcracker, watch practicing at home, listening to practicing at studios in the heat of September through the cold of December, 8 years (so far) starting Christmas in September.  But the crazy part is that ... I love it! And I am going to miss it next year when she's in college and doing on her own just with our support and love.

This year my little ballerina this year was the Snow Queen, just one step down from Sugar Plum. Here are a couple pictures. The one is a little fuzzy, kinda like her. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Really, I Didn't Get Kidnapped By Aliens

Really, I didn't get kidnapped by aliens. Really, I have been around, really I have thought about you all that actually read my blog. THANK YOU FOR STAYING INTERESTED!

Lots has happened, wow is that an understatement. I'll try to update slowly in between keeping you up to date and other up to date stuff.

If anyone has questions or ideas for posts, please give them to me, I LOVE COMMENTS.