Monday, November 15, 2010

College Time - U of Utah Ballet Program Tryout

The University of Utah has a very good Ballet program, one linked with the  Ballet West.   Elizabeth wants to double major in Ballet with a teaching emphasis and Mathematics  (yes, I know you can see how these go together).  So the first Saturday in November, Liz tried out for the first time for the ballet program.  First thing they told her is that she couldn't be accepted to the program until she was accepted to the University. She was waiting for her high school to send the official transcript. And second, it would take two weeks to hear IF she got in.  Her friend it took three times because it is such a competitive program. Dancers come from all over to take at the U.

She felt like her technique did not go as well as she could have done. But she felt better about her pointe work.  Luckily, she has done the UofU/Ballet West Summer Intensive the past two summers and actually knew the teacher doing the pointe work.

Well, she still hasn't been accepted to the U.

But less than a week later she was accepted to the Ballet Department! We're so excited and proud of her!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time for gratitude including Veterans

Thank you for he leaves out my window are yellow as the days are getting short. But the sun is still up until dinner so the sun shines through the leaves high in the afternoons. It's November and snow is suppose to be on the way, and the leaves will fall on the lawn. But the time has come and winter is on the door step.  Thanksgiving is in the wings, a time for gratitude, and it's time to start with our veterans. Veterans day is a day for gratitude that have given this country to us with their time, their heart and their lives to be grateful.