Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

In a year of change in our family, all I can say is, "Happy Thanksgiving from all of us Turkeys."

Monday, November 23, 2009

REAL Salt Lake takes the MSL Cup

All of us futball fans would like to stand up and finally say "HA, we told you so." And MLS has taken hold in Salt Lake City as REAL SL took the coveted MLS Cup (sort of like the Superbowl but better) after shutting down last year's champions in the first round. We proudly wear our colors and thank Checketts for keeping REAL here over overwhelming odds. We love our new pitch, we love our new coach, we love our new team, but mostly we love our new cup!! REAL 5-4!!

“The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes. The rest is just theory.”

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jeff's Farewell November 29th

It's hard to believe, but Jeff's farewell has finally gotten here. Next Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, at 2:50 (come at 2:30 for seats) at 650 S 200 East in Bountiful, he will give his final talk. PLEASE come and join us saying goodbye and good luck to Jeff.
There will also be an open house at his grandparent's home immediately following the meeting at 1397 S Stellaria Cir. in Bountiful that we would love to see you (and even your kids) at.
I can't believe it has gotten here so fast! But he is so spiritual ready to go, now if we could just get the rest of his things ready we would be set. He goes into the MTC on December 9th, only 4 days after his birthday.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

My life today

I just thought I would give you a feel for my life... up at 6 or 6:30 when my daughter gets breakfast, short nap until son and I get up for the day an hour or so later, rush and do errands with Jeff... today it was flowers to my mom for her birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom), chat with the 'rents for half hour or so, go put picture into the Clipper and find out why we stopped getting it, get a canvas tool kit at home center for a first aid kit for mission, go to Asmus Copy Center (Hi, Mary) and copy every piece of paper accumulated to this point about Jeffrey, go home. 
Have lunch together. Put together all visa and travel document information for the Church Travel Office. Call and find out if they need the Yellow Fever Documentation he must travel with. Seal envelop and hope that everything is in there including all 8 pictures (what are they going to do with 8 visa pictures??). Pause briefly and think heavy thoughts about how my little boy really is leaving in less than a month to the MTC then Panama.
Take 30 min. nap to be awaken by face wash by 2 year old Rottie. Lovely. Liz gets home. Needs the car IMMEDIATELY to go see her elementary school librarian who is retiring. Shuffle through and organize other copied papers. Liz returns, she wasn't there.
Sit with and talk to Liz while she has a snack since she didn't make herself a sandwich for lunch today. Get Jeff to bag and compost leaves before weather changes. Feed dog, again. Instant Message Rob. Having a bad day and not interested in cooking dinner. Have to leave earlier because of bad accident on the freeway. Call carpool and move up pickup time. Feed Liz, again.
Drive to Sandy for Nutcracker practice, missed most of the slowdown. Drop off carpool. Take tired husband to dinner at Hires (not as good as the one downtown somehow). Almost like a date, but if it were a date, we would both be asleep. Go wander around stores for hour and fifteen until practice is almost over. Drive back to studio and wait for then pick up carpool and drive home.
Get home, 9:15 ish, dog is excited to see the three of us and just wants some attention. Son joins us in the front room on the floor (Mr Mac bags and other mission stuff on the couches) and we just kinda scratch the dog and discuss bed. Rob goes to bed (9:45 at the latest). Liz hits facebook, Jeff goes to his room, I sit down to talk to Liz. She goes down to bed about 10:15/10:30. I pick up my book to try to calm down enough to sleep (The Time Traveler's Wife - five stars so far).
Now I am starting to relax after getting too emotionally involved in the book because I feel like Jeff is going to disappear like that for 2 years and I forget things like he does. It's 12:40. I'll be asleep before 2 am.  Then tomorrow, I'll start again. Sometimes having two very busy teens/adults can be taxing ... but I love it. I love them. And I love my husband and appreciate him so much, he's my life.
Not meant to complain, just a rundown of my day. I don't stop and think about the nitty gritty of it much.
I read this and realized I left out of my rundown the most important person that I include everyday, I say my prayers and sometimes even get to scripture study. Couldn't go on without my Heavenly Father.
Keep Smiling =0)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To the Veterans

To the Veterans on this Veterans' Day, those from wars long past and those still being fought. A thought from Music and the Spoken Word delivered May 24th, 2009 by Lloyd D Newell, Remember the Heroes.

In the comfort and security of our lives, we sometimes foget the debt we owe to those who left behind their own comfort and security and paid the ultimate price that we might live free.

When the United States entered World War I, David Endicott Putnam was a freshman at Harvard University. Too young to enlist in the fledgling American aviation corps, he traveled to France, where he served with distinction as a pilot. A year later, he joined the Americans as a flight commander of the 139th squadron.

One of the most highly decorated Allied pilots of the war, David was credited with bringing down as many as 20 enemy aircraft. In letters to his mother, he wrote; "Combat after combat comes my way, and without boasting I'll say that I generally meet them head on ... 'You nearly lost little David' again this morning...A miracle saved me...This I will say, that if I go, I will die fighting."

On September 13, 1918, David noticed several enemy planes pursuing an Allied biplane. He attacked, and he saved the biplane, but he was unable to save himself. He was shot though the heart and perished.

In a letter he had left for his mother in the event of his death, David said: "There is no question about the hereafter of men who give themselves in such a cause. If I am called upon to make it, I shall go with a grin of satisfaction and a smile."

At this time, we also honor those Veterans who fought recently on our own soil at Ft. Hood and give a special prayer to those who had family who died or were injured, or were otherwise impacted by those cowardace acts.

From a family of Veterans, I wish all Veterans everywhere a very special day of dignity and gratitude from us all. Happy Veterans Day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy, busy... sigh.

You know how things are suppose to come to you at certain times for certain reasons, you know everything in it's season. Well, this is my busy season. Not only do we have mission to prepare for and AP classes to worry about and Nutcracker to practice/perform and work and church. I think everyone knows the feeling here. The holidays have finally started to hit and life just gets busier. Now I find out that Liz's friend and her mom, my friend, already have tickets to New Moon, so we probably won't end up going for a while after it opens and I've been counting down on my blog for almost 200 days.... ah, sigh.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Family Photo Shoot

This past weekend, after 2 months of planning and waiting, we had a family photo shoot with Lindsey of Lindsey Jane Photography. She is in our ward and was one of Liz's Young Women's advisors until just recently. She did a workshop where they used Liz as a model a year ago, and the pictures turned out wonderful, so we decided to have her do a family picture for us before Jeff left on his mission.  So in the cold, at Wheeler Farm, we had a fun hour of shooting photos... ok, as she says, the funnier you feel the better the photos will look, which turned out to be true. Our proofs are done and some of her favorites are on her blog if you want to take a look. My favorite thing overall is the color of Liz's jacket! Let me know what you think.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Piggy Flu Update (H1N1 Flu)

Liz is the only one in our house to get the flu. I don't know what, but we're doing something right. We figure it will hit the week of the farewell. Anyway, the reason I update today is last night Liz's eardrum burst. For those of you who have had little ones go through it, it actually gets harder when a teenager is in pain for a day in her ear, nothing releves it then suddenly it bursts. The doctor says she has to be seen if the fluid continues to drain or if the pain continues or in a week to make sure it's healing correctly.

The reason I mention this is that the H1N1 is not just bad just for the flu itself, it's the infections afterwards that kill. PLEASE take it seriously and get the vaccine if you can, it's free in Davis County. The risks of the flu just aren't worth it.