Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hip Halloween Dance

What there's a dance today?  My date better get ready. Who is he? Well, it's Trevor Wilson, and it's Halloween time.

In a group full of poodle skirts, Elizabeth stood out, in a skirt from her Grandma and the awesome slip from her Great Aunt, she really looked the part. Throw in a scarf, a lime green sweater, period earrings and glasses and she's the perfect poodle nerd. Her date showed up with his hair greased, white t-shirt, leather jacket and converse, too.

They got together with their buddies for dinner at one of the girl's house's, lasagna, then off to the dance. It started with a brief spook alley which they had a screaming good time in, then the dance itself.

Afterwards, it was back to Megan's for rootbeer floats and talking before the bewitching hour and everyone's curfew.  From all accounts, it was a roaring success!

Couples pictures and group pictures are to follow.


                                               50's Ninja


When the Pigs Fly Part 2

Well, it's official, Liz has H1N1 or as we call it the "piggie flu". We mostly want to know when she is going to grow a tail. After a night of croup like symptoms, first major day that we knew she was sick at all, we went to the instacare and they were already worried about pnenomia because of how poorly she sounded. I kind of like the break in her talking, j/k, she's lost her voice for a full day now.  We figure the rest of us are probably going to get it at some point, soon, hopefully. So we won't be seeing you around for a little bit. Keep that hand sanitizer on the ready! Immunizations are available in Davis County on Tuesday October 27th at the Davis Convention Center if you haven't had it yet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Do You Call It When Pigs Fly?

I've tried lately to keep things lite, so I'm not sure if anyone's reading them. But my sister gave me a link to her ward site for this article and after you read it you will be washing your hands and trying to get your kids the H1N1 vaccine, too. (more info at the end).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Do You Call It When Pigs Fly?

Swine Flu.

When the Relief Society President called to check on us this past Wednesday she awarded me the honor of being the first family in the ward with the Swine Flu. Wow, thanks. That is an honor we could have done without.

I kept thinking how I could write this funny post about our awful experience, but I just don't have it in me. I'm physically and emotional tired, but wanted to share and hopefully inspire you to get a flu shot, or get ready and stocked for a week with an unwanted guest.

Last Saturday when we were in Bear Lake for Conference weekend, Adam developed an awful cough. By evening he was throwing up and by the next morning my body was trying to do the same (luckily I do have amazing anti-vomit skills). We packed up as quickly as we could and left the cabin while expressing our deepest apologies to all our loved ones that were now potentially infected.

We raced back home as my fever, coughs, chills, and body aches came on in waves. By Monday morning Shem was sick too. I kept Kate home, anticipating her mild cough escalating in the coming hours.On Tuesday Adam was begging to see the doctor so he could get better. Our pediatrician saw him that afternoon and said, "That is the flu." While he didn't test for N1H1, he was confident enough he said we wouldn't need N1H1 vaccinations, just seasonal flu shots. He prescribed Tamiflu for Kate and Mason to shorten the course of their illnesses. ($110 - ouch)

That night after Kate and Mason had thrown up, Shem gave us all blessings. The Spirit was especially strong when he blessed Adam to begin healing from that moment forward. That night everyone slept...finally.

On Wednesday Kate, Adam, and Mason's fevers broke and the throwing up had officially stopped. However, the night before in an illness-induced stupor Shem had flushed about 8 paper towels down the toilet. At the time is seemed the most logical place to put them after cleaning up throw up in the bathroom.After a visit from a masked Roto-Rooter worker (we insisted on the mask) and a $255 check our drains were again in working order. Now if only our bodies...

That night my visiting teachers brought us Chicken Noodle soup and it started to look like we were really going to be okay.

On Thursday the kids were regaining their strength and getting hyper, Shem and I were completely exhausted, and Colin was starting to fun a fever. I took him to the KidsCare where the doctor gave him a prescription for Tamiflu. Before filling it I called the pharmacy to confirm they had some in stock. When I asked if Tamiflu is safe for infants the pharmacist said it had not been tested for children under 1. I called the pediatrician back and she apologized saying she had misread Colin's age and I should NOT give him Tamiflu.

Colin still has a mild fever and the rest of us are coughing and will probably continue to do so for another week. Kate and Adam are no longer contagious and will head back to school tomorrow. Here are the most important things I learned this week...

1. N1H1 is extremely contagious.
2. Tamiflu is really expensive, but it works really well. It is not for babies.
3. Don't flush paper towels.
4. Vaporizers and VapoRub help ease night time coughs.
5. Dye-free fever medication is much better than the pink kind (especially if you manage to spill most of the bottle on yourself and your baby in the middle of the night).
6. The power of the Priesthood is amazing.
Thanks for all the love and prayers, and especially for the love and support we got from our ward family.

The H1N1 is spread through contact, so keep those hands clean (Joleen good luck with Easton).  Davis County, as well as I think the State, is experiencing huge crouds at immunization stations and limited supplies. Children to 24 are able to get the immunization for free, in the form of a spray, for instance it is required for Jeff to go to the MTC.  To get the most current information about immunizations it in Davis County, or 801-451-3333.  Oh, and this doesn't cover the other normal flu, which you get at your local county health clinic, which is also out, but is available to all.

New Moon Movie Soundtrack

Ok New Moon Movie update, the soundtrack is out.
Haven't checked it out yet but will, my family will get used to it momentarily. Check the countdown for how long before the movie comes out.
Loved it since the beginning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bear vs. the "E" Collar

This is Bear.

This is Bear, our puppy with his rubber chicken.

Bear is not a little dog. He's a Rottweiler.
He's 97 lbs. and 2 years old.

Bear had an accident and broke some glass
(ok, it was a storm window when the postman appeared).

He had to get some stitches and wear this lovely Elizabethan collar
(I recommend it to many parents now). The dressing had to last 5 days and the collar 14, it all ends on Friday.
These pictures were taken on Tuesday, 3 days after the accident.

These pictures were taken today.
Our collar has to last to Friday.
We don't like our collar.

It makes it hard to see and chew and get through small places.
So, we eat our collar.
The tape is clear duct tape (a great invention).

We are going to win against the collar.
We have 5 days to go and we can reach our toes now, see.
Mom and dad are at their wits end.

We love our puppy, really we do.
(and I think I've figured out the new way to blog pictures, yeah)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Elizabeth Dew Drop Fairy (Nutcracker) Tutu

Saturday, Elizabeth and her friend Katie (Snow Queen) helped out Mountain West Ballet at the Utah Arts Festival. Unfortunately, she HAD to wear her tutu and head piece. And since she had her ballet BFF Katie along in her tutu, they just had to take some pictures. I hope this helps everyone get excited about coming and seeing the Nutcracker (hint, hint). Hope you enjoy them.

Denim Quilts

Ok, I've already had someone ask me for pictures of the denim quilts. I'm almost done with the second top then I promice to post pictures of both of them - PROMICE. But they are turning out darling, and they go together so fast (when you have time to sew).  So something for you crafty, quilty or sewers out there to look forward to. :o)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sewing and Reading, and a Little of Everything Else

So, I haven't been blogging like I usually do because all I have been doing is reading and sewing. Reading the new Dan Brown book, the Lost Symbol. I gave it to my dad for his birthday in May (gift certificates are wonderful), and paid up when it came out. He read it and gave it to me. Great system I have for getting all the great new books :)  And I love thrillers by Dan Brown and some others (see list) because they are usually well researched, which this was seems to have been.

Now when I'm not reading, which seems to mean not sleeping lately (really screwed up sleep schedule), I'm sewing.  Years ago, like I can't remember when, I saw a picnic quilt that was made out of old levis where they used the pockets too so that the napkins and plastic silverware wouldn't fly away. It was so cute. So, in one of my more manic moments, I gathered all the levis that were worn out in the house and started keeping ALL levis that wore out no matter the color (yes, I have pink and red ones) or the condition (I have ones that have been under cars and thouroughly abused). I kept them in a box, or two or three, and started cutting them into blocks and strips (sashings) for making them later. Well, later finally came because my husband needs my sewing space so I have to clean everything up including all those levis. I put together my first top (hopefully there is a picture here) and bought red flannel for the back and I will tie it as soon as I finish the others. Yes it is twin size, approximately. The others, 2 queen size quilts with left over levis to be thrown out. Not many will just see the garbage can, they are too distroyed for even DI, but a few will. Pictures, lots of Pictures to come.  And with Nutcracker coming, more sewing, costumes, lots of costumes to come.

And in my spare time, I take care of my daughter, which means driving to rehearsals in Sandy twice a week. And learn more about Panama and the things Jeff will need to take with him. With my friend's son in Columbia, just South of Panama, I have a feeling she will be a lot of help.