Friday, June 19, 2009

June Hail Storm

If you are not from Utah, you have a harder time understanding that hail is rare in Utah because of our mountains. Especially rare is large and long hail storms are, well, unheard of. But then again, apparently Utah has been magically moved to the midwest for the hail and the North West area for the cool temperatures and rain. Now, get me straight, I Love This Weather!! I wish it would stay, but it won't.

Anyway, this week there was a hail storm that went on for some time, like 10 minutes or so. My daughter loves to dance in the rain, so she went out and dance in the hail. I was taking some pictures, but I also took some pictures of my flower bed that is trying to grow from seed wildflowers. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed the storm.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day June 14

A lot of people forget Flag Day, and why we need a day to respect the flag. In years past, ones flying flag has been significant in that it is proof of the winning of a battle, whether of military or ideals or both. In the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key revels in the fact that the flag still flies after a fierce night of fighting during the revolutionary war. During the Second World War, we have the indelible image of the marines trying to raise the flag in the Pacific, which we see repeated by firefighters after the September 11 attacks.

But not only does the flag signify our country and ideals in times of war, there are significant times in times of peace. I think the most significant, and lasting of those, happened about 39 years ago when the astronauts planted the first flag, an American flag, on the moon. We were staking our claim to the technology and space forefront during an act of magnificent American pride. It has been defiled by those showing civil disobedience to the actions of the government.

Now far too often, we see the flag as a respect for those who fall in the name of freedom for this country. But this honor is the least we can give these men and women for their sacrifice for our lives and values that we hold dear.

May we all remember the flag and respect it more than just on Flag Day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Wildflower Flowerbed

Last Saturday, after weeks of preparation, we finally planted Rocky Mountain Wildflower seeds in front of our living room window along with marigolds along the sidewalk. Now this may not seem like anything exciting, but this is news for two reasons: 1- the weather and 2- what it started out like.

When you plant a carpet of seeds like we did you put down peat moss to make sure the seeds stay weed free and moist. Moist? Moist, you say. I'm starting to worry they will never sprout because they will never see the sun. This is my kind of luck. I'm sorry to the families in Harriman who have flooded, this weather would only happen because I planted something that required sun and moisture, and this time it picked moist. It seems as though it never quite works out exactly as I would have wished. My baby and I have been going miles, on the trainer inside, because of the rain.

Second, what I would give to have beginning pictures of this garden area. It had big unruly evergreen bushes and 3 overgrown Alvavida trees and tulips and ivy, and it was the eye sore of the yard. All of that have, over the years, disappeared, with the final stumps being removed this spring on Memorial Day. It looks, well, barren, but beautiful. I am so excited to have it grow with beautiful flowers that will bloom from Spring until late Fall, in a year or so (unless they all get washed away). Pictures to follow.

Oh, well, at least it's not hot. I'll take the rain. I guess I could always sing and dance in the rain.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Graduation! June 5th

June 5th Me, Rob and Liz, and his Billings' Grandparents were lucky enough to enjoy Jeff's graduation, the 51st class to graduate from Bountiful High School with 404 graduating seniors. It lasted just under 2 hours, but we were privileged to enjoy a readers theater, a short talk from the principal, a short talk from the district representative, and a final talk by the Senior Class President.

It was a lovely ceremony with girls in white and boys in red.

Afterwards, we got a few pictures with family.
His grandparents gave him a fancy dress up watch.
His father and I gave him an everyday watch.
And his sister gave him a book, "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess. We thought it was very appropriate.

After the gifts and the revelry of graduation, it was off to the all night party at the high school which was apparently a roaring success. Thank you to those who organized, worked and donated to it. Jeff got home at 4:45 am and slept till almost 11 am.

A really special thank you to everyone who supported Jeff and the rest of us in his education and his graduation. It was truly wonderful.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Congratulations to Jeffrey on Graduation!!

Today's the big day. Tonight at 7pm at the Regional Center in red gown Jeffrey will officially graduate then party the night away! We're so proud of you Jeff!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lighten Up! ... Seminary Graduation

Tonight was Seminary Graduation in our stake. It was a great event including 45 seniors. Jeff was only one of two seniors from our ward. There were some amazing musical numbers by the graduates and some great talks, but the highlight truly was the presentation of the graduation certificates. Brother Doctor Hamilton, BHS Seminary Principal (and Liz's most recent teacher) was there and was very complementary of the graduates and their Light that they added to their classes. The Seminary and Stake Youth Council theme this year were both Lighten Up! without a specific scripture, so each speaker gave a different but great view of this theme. It was a short program and was very well organized, lasting just an hour and a half. Totally delightful. Hopefully graduation from BHS will go as well. =)

Thank you Bountiful Central Stake and Bountiful High Seminary for your sacrifice and service to Jeff, his testimony and dedication towards his mission has really straightened in the last 4 years. We're proud of you Jeff.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remember When...

Last Night was the final band concert after 6 years of Jeff playing for the Jr. and High school band programs. Last night's program was called "Remember when..." and had some especially great songs in it. They played music from concert band, jazz band and pep band including ending with the school song. It was a fun mix of music.
Jeff learned how to play an instrument for the first time in 7th grade (well, the summer before) with Mr. King at Millcreek, and it was the clarinet. By his second year with Mr King, he was playing the bass clarinet and, his new and future love, the tenor saxophone. His 9th grade Christmas, he received a professional quality Cannonball saxophone, still his baby.
When he entered Bountiful High, he focused in on the sax for his three years there. His first year he did early morning Jazz Band. He would walk to school come rain or snow every morning at 6 am to make it to band practice. It was hard, but enjoyed the year he did it. This spring in Region Solo and Ensemble, he received a 2+, a great accomplishment (thanks in large part to his Grandma and accompanist).
He looks forward to continue playing his sax in years to come.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Graduation Week!!!

Today, Tuesday, is the first day of activities that mark the last week of the 2009 school year and the week that Jeff graduates from Bountiful High School!!! We are so excited and proud of him. He has a busy week ahead of him, so I thought I would start with a preview and then some reviews as the week goes along.

Tonight is his last band concert at 7pm at the high school. He has been playing the clarinet, bass clarinet or tenor saxophone in concert, jazz and/or pep band for 6 years since the 7th grade. He loves band and plans on continuing to play his Saxophone. He is hoping to come back from his mission and try out for the pep band for the Runnin' Utes.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, we will enjoy Seminary graduation. Now held on the stake level, he will be graduating through the Bountiful Central Stake. He also, just prior to that, has a awards dinner with the band program.

Thursday Jeff will enjoy a break and will be doing yard work (YEAH). But during school he will have Swansong, the final assembly of the year and the final time he will play his saxophone in the public school system.

Friday is GRADUATION. In the morning, he has mandatory practice and then a break. In the evening, graduation is at 7 pm for those lucky enough to get tickets. Because it is at the Regional Center in Woods Cross, the seating is severely limited and we don't know at this point if his sister will even be able to come, we will find out today.

After graduation, he has two parties, one thrown by a friend and then the all night party thrown by the school/PTA. We expect he will have a long but fun night.

Hurray for Jeff!! A successful end to 13 years of public education.