Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elizabeth's Free Spring Ballet Recital

It's Here!! Everyone is invited to Elizabeth's (and Bountiful School of Ballet's) Spring Recital:

Ballet Recital for all ages
Woods Cross High School
Friday, May 15 7 pm
Saturday, May 16 1 pm
Free and Open to all ages

Elizabeth will be a demi-soloist this year (Blossom attendant is the name of her part - light pink with some light blue on their tutus - she's the blond with the really long legs) as well as a teacher of three young classes (goldfish, bumblebees and fairies - all double cast). Expect fun costumes and wonderful dances from all ages from 3 to advanced Seniors.
This is a special ballet written new this year for and by Bountiful School of Ballet and should be excellent. The name was a contest in the school and I don't know what it is yet, but it should be lots of fun and does keep moving along only the older classes are at both performances the younger classes are double cast meaning they only perform once.
She would love to see anyone afterwards in the lobby of the school (just outside the auditorium) and show off her costume and if any little ones want, take pictures with them.
Any questions? Leave a comment or contact me directly.

Elizabeth will also be participating in the Jazz Recital on Saturday, May 9 from 4 to 5 pm at Woods Cross High. Free to the public and open to all ages. Anyone is welcome to come to this performance too. She will be in the purple and silver costumes. She will not be available afterwards to meet anyone because she will be quickly changing and receiving her scholarship at a dinner at Little America.

Edward Cullen - Reality Check

Edward Cullen's attraction is simply unreal

Published: Sunday, April 26, 2009 7:06 p.m. MDT

Dear Edward Cullen,

First, let me say that I've totally got your girl Stephenie Meyer's back. I think it's beyond cool that a gifted Mormon mom (and graduate of my alma mater) has written a series that keeps on rocking the free world. Well done, Stephenie Meyer!

However, there's something I want to bring up with you personally now that one of my sons has expressed an interest in reading TWILIGHT.

Why does he want to read TWILIGHT? Because he's heard all about the ladies and how much they HEART you, Edward Cullen … you and your cold, glittering, glistening skin. My guess is that he's trying to figure out how you do it. He wants your secret.

And therein lies the problem.

Dude! You're not real!

Oh, you make a great romantic lead. Classic, even. No doubt about it. In fact, I'd rank you right up there with Jane Eyre's Rochester and Catherine's Heathcliff and possibly even Elizabeth's Mr. Darcy, who (like you) obviously has excellent personal grooming skills. You're mysterious and aloof, and yet underneath it all? Wowza.

You're just a huge hunky helping of Smolder with some Steamy on the side. Baby, you're a Boy Scout campfire of kindling waiting for the right female to come along and turn you into a big old homecoming bonfire.

Quick! Someone call 911 because honey you. Are. Just. Burning. Down. The. House.

But may I remind you once again that you and your rock hard pecs aren't real? In case you've forgotten, Edward Cullen, you are fantastic (and I mean that in every sense of the word) fiction.

Okay. In Fiction World, it feels good to be loved by someone like you because you're so obsessive. Just like Adrian Monk! Only hotter!

You devour Bella every time you look at her with those gold/topaz/red/black eyes. You even sneak into her room and watch her sleep with those gold/topaz/red/black eyes. No doubt your female readers imagine how thrilling it would be to be the object of that kind of frank, forbidden desire.

Except that in real life that same kind of desire might feel creepy.

In real life you might actually be kind of a stalker. And possibly Bella and her father would consider getting a court order to make you stay away from her, especially if word got out about the vampire stuff.

The female readers who love you are all clear on that front, right? Like, they KNOW that boys are only human. That guy bodies are as imperfect as girl bodies and that bodily perfection isn't the real goal anyway.

That a girl shouldn't have to define herself by her romantic attachments and that a boy shouldn't have to keep rescuing a girl from her own unhappiness?

That both girls AND boys should give each other breathing room so they can spend time with friends. That trading laughs and conversation is ultimately more rewarding than simply trading kisses.

Your readers are REALLY clear on this, right?

They are? Excellent. Then carry on, Edward Cullen.

And we'll see you in our dreams.

E-MAIL: acannon@desnews.com

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Young Women Bowling Night

The Young Women went bowling. I got this picture of Liz from Lindsey of the activity (since I am no longer in YW). Can Liz just not look cute with a green bowling bowl and orange bowling shoes?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Senior Prom Part 1- Before the dance

Due to popular demand and the fact that today is Senior Prom, I thought I would catch up with some pictures of the answer from Brooke (Barlow) to Jeff. The answer was, obviously, yes. Her, her sister and a mutual friend "heart attacked" Jeff's room, the stairway and both landings. It took about four packages of heart shaped post-it notes and this is what happened. The one on the big Utah map says, "You are here."

For Prom, the plans are a day activity and lunch at the park. Then time for the girls (and guys) to get all prettied up (Brooke is apparently wearing black with white polka-dots). Jeff ordered a special gardenia for her corsage - it will look wonderful and smell wonderful, too. Had to be ordered almost two weeks in advance. He's wearing a new tux shirt and a tie yourself black bow tie, black cummerbund and black suit. He'll look stunning. The nice basic black, Bond style as he puts it.

Then to dinner at his friend's house where his friend's mom who used to professionally cater will do dinner. The Prom is being held in the Davis Convention Center in Layton, it's a lovely facility. It should be a wonderful day for them for their senior Senior Prom. Brooke is the same young lady Jeff took to Homecoming this year, they are good friends.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Liz's newest cousin

This is one of our two newest cousins (adopted of course). Liz used him as the object of this photo assignment.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chicago - Part 2- The home of large buildings

Since my brother is an architect and since Chicago has outstanding examples of fantastic large building (and small building) architecture, we spent three of the five days mostly doing that, looking at buildings, but it was great. Most of the buildings in Chicago are "name brand", meaning they were designed by someone important in the architecture community. Not just in the past, but that continues with today's developments. We saw the Rectory. One of the oldest buildings constructed after the great Chicago fire (I would say the oldest, but I am not certain). The inside was done by a new architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
We saw the Sears tower, and went up in it - the largest inhabited structure in the United States, although we could only go to the 99th Floor. Really cool to be above everything except the new Trump hotel which will be slightly higher when it is finished. It was a beautiful clear day so we

e could see like 4 states. Cool. This beautiful green and gold building is the Union Carbide building. We took, in addition to my brother's walking tours, a bus tour by the Chicago Architectural Foundation - a 3 hour tour, and saw a bunch of other stuff too. Like the Robbie house by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Student union by a post-Masis architect on the campus of U of Illinois. That smushed tube is for the L to pass through and is part of the student union building, extremely weird.
Our bus.
A view of the city when it's actually sunny just freezing.

Other pictures:
A water tower

A train station

The outdoor performance pavilion in Millennial Park. The cross beams hold speaker systems.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chicago - Part 1 - the food

Well, I just got back from 5 days away in Chicago, my brother's home town now. He's an amazing architect of supersize skyscrapers (80 floors is considered small for them), and more and more self sustaining. He helped develop and now build the Burg Dubai in Dubai which, when finished, will be the tallest building in the world. ( http://www.SmithGill.com team:Brad Wilkins) Anyway, I went with my Dad and my Grandma. It sort of broke down into 5 major areas: architecture, food, time together, weather and travel - maybe this will make my blog more interesting than the normal travel log.
During our trip, we saw lots of these flags and people wearing support Chicago pins and stuff because it was the weekend of the IOC visit to Chicago for the 2016 Olympics -- we all remember what that's about.
While in Chicago, we stayed mostly in the Loop for those of you who know the city, which is the downtown business district, except for some excursions out for food and architecture. My Grandma and I shared a hotel room and my dad and brother crashed in his studio apartment. This is the view out our 19th story window towards the Northwest University. It was beautiful.
Ok, Architecture. We're going to leave this to last because it's the biggest.
Food - do Chicagoans know how to eat or what! Every meal was way too big and extremely good. The first day we had Deep Dish Pizza at Ginos, the place to get it, right next to our hotel. The walls were totally covered with names of patrons kind of like the old Pie by the U. It was totally cool. It was impossible to eat without a fork and knife but SO good. These are pictures of my brother and me and my dad and my grandma at Ginos.
The next morning we went to a great little whole in the wall bistro for breakfast that took us on the L (Elevated train) to one of the villages for huge omelets with great hash browns (this is only half of mine) and my brother got pancakes that were so sweet that I went into diabetic shock sitting next to him.
We also went to the Original Pancake House, a totally awesome German restaurant (liquor licence #1 in Chicago), The Cheesecake factory because it was in my brother's building and it was snowing like crazy outside, and a restaurant that's specialty was Mac & Cheese (cool by me). We ate so much, but it was so good. We usually only ate two times a day.
On Sunday, we had breakfast at 2pm after trying to make it to a couple other places to find them closed. The only thing we didn't have that is traditional Chicago is a stake. And the only place we wanted to go but couldn't swing it was Rick Baylis's Restaurant (Mexico a Meal a Day on PBS), suppose to be excellent.